At Repose Clinic we provide the best treatment of Plastic and Cosmetic surgery in Kolkata . We have the very highest levels of surgical excellence and premium quality care available to patients in the industry. First of all we only work with the very best and most highly skilled, trained and accredited plastic surgeons. To list their name in the Specialist Register with the General Medical Council our Plastic surgeons in Kolkata have attained the highest qualifications in their fields. In addition each of our experts is leader in their field of practice. Furthermore we always ensure you that your care and treatment will always happen in the safest hands . At Repose we give the facility of hair transplantation in Kolkata by experienced Doctors. At our clinic we always use the best and modern technology for our patient either it is any plastic surgery or hair transplantation surgery.

With over 30 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery in Kolkata , we commit the safety and satisfaction of our patients. We offer all our patients the most specialized and experienced Plastic surgeons in Kolkata. We have some of the Kolkata’s most recognized Plastic Surgeons on hand to help you to achieve your goal in all cases either that’s a confidence-boosting transformation, a hair transplantation or a couple of minor changes to help rediscover you. Our team are industry leaders in body reshaping, anti-ageing and aesthetic surgical procedures. And as one of the best clinic of plastic surgery in Kolkata our doctors work alongside our specialist team of minimally-invasive doctors to create the optimal treatment plan and best aftercare arrangements for your needs