Hair Transplantation is the process of redistribution of genetically resistant hair from the back and side portions of the head to the bald area. In our clinic, the patients have had seamless hair transplant procedure using modern methods.

Repose Clinic is one of the best clinic for hair transplant surgery in Kolkata. Here our best doctor for hair transplantation can give you proper consultation and scalp analysis. As one of the top hair transplant clinic our hair specialist will determine the number of hair grafts that will need to cover the bald regions on your scalp. At our clinic our patient can get the best hair transplantation treatment at a very affordable cost. If you are troubling from hair loss problem, there are many easier ways to solve the problem. But all those solution are temporary solution. We at Repose clinic suggest you hair transplantation surgery by our best plastic surgeon in Kolkata for a permanent treatment.

The Hair Transplant surgery cost varies from patient to patient. It will depend on various factors such as the number of grafts to be used; the degree of baldness, the areas of transplantation and the amount of available donor area. Normally the rate is Rs. 40/- per hair graft and it costs somewhere between Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. At Repose clinic you can avail a reasonable hair transplantation cost in Kolkata.The cost of one single hair graft transplantation can be as little as Rs. 35/- and can go up to Rs.150/- . The Hair Transplant surgery cost may also further vary depending on the techniques used. FUE technique of hair transplant may cost little higher as compared to FUT technique. Apart from this The Hair Transplant surgery cost will also depend on the location of the clinic and the experience and efficiency of the surgeon and his team.


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